As you will have expected – North Texas ARCE has postponed all spring talks: we have added our April and May talks to our already postponed March talk. 
SMU has taken further steps to protect its people from the virus. From SMU:
Dear SMU Community,
Each day we evaluate the challenging issues created by COVID-19 and work diligently to make the best possible decisions for all of us. To align with declarations from federal, state and Dallas County health authorities, SMU is moving all classes online for the remainder of the spring semester.
Also, SMU has begun getting students out of dormitories and off campus. From SMU to students:  
Please do not come to campus to retrieve your belongings until you receive guidance from RLSH.
So NT ARCE won’t be on campus until everyone else is. We hope to have Nick Brown, Steve Harvey and Tom Hardwick as our guests later in the year. Both they and we look forward to their visits.
And you will be the first to hear of the new dates for their talks.
Until then, and long after that, we hope you stay well.
And best wishes for our good health, both body and mind, as we all learn just how we cope with such a drastically unfamiliar-in-a-bad-way experience.
North Texas ARCE Board



So – the North Texas ARCE March 21 talk by Nick Brown is postponed.

We will reschedule it when life is more normal.


Though SMU currently has changed their activities thru April, NT ARCE hopes that April sees a return to more normality, so you’ll hear from us later about the Steve Harvey seminar and talk.


We hope that you stay well, or if you’re part of the projected 60% of us who catch it, we hope that it’s just an annoying flu.


And we hope to see you at the next talk – whenever that is. We will let you know!

We are a group of friendly people interested in all aspects of the archaeology and culture of Ancient Egypt. We hold monthly meetings that are free and open to the public, as well as occasional seminars and social activities. Come join us as we meet with the most important Egyptologists, art historians and archaeologists of our day.

North Texas ARCE is:

  • a product of the strong interest engendered by the 1988-89 Ramses the Great exhibit at Fair Park; NT-ARCE was formally founded and received its ARCE accreditation as a chapter in 1993
  • a Texas 501C3 non-profit organization associated with the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE, pronounced ‘are-see’)
  • Dallas’ host to the world’s prominent Egyptologists and related scholars
    monthly meetings (all free and open to the public, with refreshments) and regular seminars
  • special events, including travel, parties and exhibition tours
    good people, good fun, good conversation

ARCE National

North Texas ARCE is a chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt.

The American Research Center in Egypt works to preserve and increase knowledge of Egypt’s heritage.

ARCE is a non-profit funded by the Department of State, major grantors, and a world-wide membership of both individuals and institutions, mostly academic.

Joining ARCE supports preserving and increasing knowledge of Egypt’s heritage.

When you affiliate your ARCE membership with the North Texas chapter, ARCE rebates a portion of your membership fee to the chapter and you become a voting member of North Texas ARCE.

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  • What the heck is that March

    Lacking a cell phone camera with which to make selfies, Pharaoh Amenhotep VIIIth had wall panel carved portraits prepared whenever one of his relations dropped by.  Here we see the king with his cousin Clarisse-Hotep, her husband Re-Meket and the kids.

    If you think that the CyberScribe might be in error:

    1. Where was this photo taken? (Name of the temple or site)

    Answer: Nefertari’s temple at Abu Simbel


    1. Who are the three figures??

    Answer: Ramesses, Nefertari and Rameses again



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