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Where the Heck Is This?

Our apologies, but “Where The Heck Is That” is temporarily unavailable. We hope to resume this feature in the not too distant future.”

is shown at lectures, where we always enjoy the explanation (:D) given, but try to identify where the photo was actually taken. The first correct answers get a free raffle ticket for that meeting’s drawings.

  • What the heck is that? September 2019

    There. The great work was completed and ready for the public.

    It had taken years to excavate this mysterious tunnel in the floor of the tomb of Seti I


    If you think that the CyberScribe might be in. error:

    1. Where is this site? (Name of the temple or site)

    2.  Where does this doorway lead?

This is Where the Heck was actually in : solutions

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