Where the heck is it? – February 2019


Atherton Wifflestang, an Egyptologist from the Snidley Institute made his greatest discovery with the Temple of Amenhotep VII. Here, in the well-preserved interior of the temple, sits one of a set of giant flower pots, which the inscriptions tell us, were filled to overflowing with masses of bright blue geraniums. Unfortunately, the blue geranium no longer exists.

If you think that the CyberScribe might be in. error:

  1. Where is this site? (Name of the temple or site)


  1. Where is it located within the temple or site?


  1. What purpose did this structure serve, if not as a giant flowerpot?



Medinet Habu

column base

Great Hypostyle Hall

If you think you have the solutions to these questions, come to the February

meeting with your answers and perhaps you will win a prize!

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