Where the heck is it? – January 2019

For the very first time, the CyberScribe is using a color photo.  The head, Identified as that of the pharaoh Ramesses IV by its discoverer, Egyptologist, Dr. Abernathy Pontefract. Beguiled by the intense color, Pontefract spent nearly a decade trying to determine the nature of the wonderful blue paint, but with no success.  One day a sympathetic Egyptologist whispered the answer into his ear, and Pontefract ran off screaming and was never seen again.

If you think that the CyberScribe might be in. error:

  1. Who do you think is the Pharaoh represented by this head?
  2. What is the identity of this fabulous “blue paint?”
  3. Bonus Question: What museum displays this treasure?


If you think you have the solutions to these questions, come to the January meeting with your answers and perhaps you will win a prize!

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